The Celtic Way Walk in the West of England

The files give the details for the sections of walking through the West of England.

They are for Archive interest only. They cannot be a guide to walking due to footpath changes
See below.

There are three major changes to the way the Celtic Way West route runs. 

  • Our revised walking details will run from west to east, moving in the direction of Stonehenge.
  • Because anyone walking through the west country from Cornwall to Glastonbury can follow the  route devised by the group who have produced the mary-michael pilgrims' way route, we shall not be updating because another route already exists.
  • We are republishing our route from Glastonbury to Stonehenge then Avebury. It is being updated.
10Linking the Ways.doc 10Linking the Ways.doc
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11Megalithic sites.doc 11Megalithic sites.doc
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12Arthurian centre.doc 12Arthurian centre.doc
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13Hillforts of Wessex.doc 13Hillforts of Wessex.doc
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14The Exmoor Option .doc 14The Exmoor Option .doc
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16Landsend trail.doc 16Landsend trail.doc
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17Penwith.doc 17Penwith.doc
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18 Brittany Link.doc 18 Brittany Link.doc
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