A route through ancient landscapes of Western Britain

The Celtic Way Walk was published in 1998 by Sigma Press as a walking guide. The route from Wales runs from Pembrokeshire to Stonehenge, and then links to Glastonbury. It goes through ancient landscapes and uses ancient tracks where possible.  
The archive gives access to the original details for general interest. The original walking details are out of date and should not be used for sole guidance if you venture on any of its sections 

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It's not just routes that have changed in two decades. 
The Stonehenge Bluestones have been confirmed as originating in the Presceli Mountains of Pembrokeshire.  
The Bluestones and the Celtic Way have the same start and finsh.
Therefore, as well as revising the route, we will look at possible ways to bring the Bluestones to Stonehenge. We know they arrived at there well before the later Sarsens and Trilithons. 
So, using the most recent findings we will also  bring the guide's knowledge of ancient sites along The Celtic Way.


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